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  Welcome to ThongLeotards.net.  We are the Thong Leotards Division of Melrose  Bay, an American owned and operated company based out of Veguita, NM. Our specialty is custom tailoring thong leotards for men or women to fit specific body measurements. We have a large array of beautiful fabrics with LycraŽ Spandex; that we use including crush panne velvets and flat stretch velvets in solid colors.
  Select from many thong leotard styles to create you very own look! You can also "design" your own pattern with our help, of course. We aim to please!
  Our fabrics contain LYCRAŽ and spandex and are suitable for swimwear, leotards, bodysuits, skating dresses and skirts, and much more. We use only high quality fabrics and our selection of stretch fabrics is the largest on the web! You may choose from many exotic animal print spandex fabrics, bright neon printed spandex fabrics, spandex fabrics with floral prints, camouflauge print spandex fabrics, gold lamae stretch fabric with LYCRAŽ and silver lamae fabric with LYCRAŽ. We also carry a large selection of solid color crush panne stretch velvet with spandex and also flat velvet with spandex.
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ThongLeotards.net!. We look forward to helping you with all of your thong leotard needs.
LYCRAŽ is a registered trademark of the DuPont Company. Only DuPont makes LYCRAŽ.
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